Amish Dutch Glow Review - Does it Really Work?

Dutch Glow Polish
Reviewed by Marianne Polter on Mar 19 2014

I recently bought Dutch Glow - the "Amish" Wood Milk after seeing an infomercial highlighting it’s effectiveness of polishing and cleaning any wooden surface.  We recently moved into a new house rental and the kitchen cabinets are old, grease stained and sticky.  I tried various products to clean the outside of the cabinets, from water and vinegar to other chemical-based wood cleaning products.  The products were unable to get the film off the cabinets, and a few of the products left the wood stickier than before.  I don’t usually order products from infomercials, but after many unsuccessful attempts to clean the kitchen cabinets I saw the Dutch Glow commercial and decided to try it out.

Results: Took about 1.5 weeks, 9 days to be exact, to receive the product. I was actually expecting it to take longer so it surprised me when it came. While some surfaces took a few passes, Dutch Glow worked pretty well, and I'm excited to share my results.  It was easy to use, and gave the table and cabinets a brand new shine that I thought wouldn’t be possible.  I'm a health nut so I really love that the product is all natural and chemical free.  I will definitely recommend this product to others.
My actual results:

(no photos were edited and the product was allowed to dry for 30 minutes to 2 hours before photographing final image)

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What Does Amish Dutch Glow Do?

Dutch Glow is a furniture polish designed to make your life easy. You'll find that using it will enable you to make that furniture sparkle and shine once more.

The product is made from a formula that has been "used by the Amish woodworkers for centuries", or so they claim. To be honest, who really cares as long as the thing shines my wood? 

Why Dutch Glow Over Other Furniture Protectants?

Dutch Glow- Amish Wood Milk also makes the following claims:
  • Buy One, Get One Free
  • All Natural
  • Removes Years of Wax Buildup
  • Works On Any Wood Surface
  • Helps Repel Dust
  • Reveals Wood's Natural Beauty
If you've ever used commercial furniture polish products, you'll notice how they tend to leave your furniture sticky for a few hours. This is because the polishes actually contain a thin layer of wax, which the manufacturers of these products claim is necessary to protect the wood from damage. 

However, after a few hours passed, your furniture usually looks old and run down once more.

The purpose of Dutch Glow is to leave the wood looking as clean and natural as possible. The formulation of the product is designed to break down wax rather than add more layers to it, ensuring that the chemical finish of the wood is removed and exposing the natural wood beneath. This gives the wood a natural look, and gets rid of that waxy shine that makes it look so artificial - and which turns old quick.

Repels Dust from Wood:

Another great thing I've noticed about Dutch Glow is that it can help to remove water rings from your furniture. The water rings are caused by the wax in the wood becoming discolored - usually from hot or cold temperatures. However, seeing as the Dutch Glow product eliminates the wax, there's nothing to be discolored any more. The wood will look natural once more, and there will be no more water rings on your wooden furniture.

Dutch Glow Pros and Cons:

  • It's very easy to use. You can apply it simply with a cloth, and there's no need to worry applying it in an even coat. Simply wipe the cloth across the furniture, and you'll clean the wood easily and quickly.
  • It repels dust. Wooden furniture tends to get very dusty after a few months of use, particularly in the cracks. Thanks to the unique formulation of Dutch Glow, you'll actually prevent dust from building up in those cracks. Any dust that does settle on the furniture can be quickly wiped off.
  • It is good for the wood. Many chemical polishes and cleaning products are made to give the wood a beautiful finish, but that finish wears off quickly. Dutch Glow is designed to be absorbed into the furniture, and give it the natural look that indicates there are no more chemicals in the wood. It even nourishes the wood!
  •  It can be used on painted surfaces. Most furniture polishes don't work on painted surfaces, as the paint prevents them from being absorbed into the wood. With Dutch Glow, you can leave the wood beneath looking its best, and give the paint a dust-repellent coating.
amish dutch glow review
  • It's a bit on the pricier end and can't be found in stores. The cost of a single bottle of this furniture polish is $10, plus the shipping and handling of $7.95 - so a total of nearly $18. When you compare that to the $5 to $10 you'll pay for most other polishing products, Dutch Glow is a costly option.
  • Good Reviews are scarce. There have been very few user reviews posted about the product online, especially on websites that you can trust (Amazon, ConsumerReport, etc.). Most of the information you'll find on it comes from affiliate sales websites.

Conclusion: I ordered Dutch Glow, and was surprised at how quickly I received the product.  Dutch Glow completely revamped the wooden cabinets!  It was easy to use, and gave the cabinets a brand new shine that I thought wouldn’t be possible.  I also love that the product is all natural and chemical free. Amish Dutch Glow "wood milk" is an excellent product, and although it worked great for my furniture you'll have to see it first hand on your wooden furniture! I will definitely recommend this product to others.

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